No event planner? No problem.

Planning an event can easily become a second full time job. That’s why hiring a professional planner is sometimes the best investment you can make. Waiting for someone to call or email you back, trying to get pricing from a vendors, understanding whether they are within your budget parameters or even available can be all just a tad much. Yet, what happens when you don’t have the budget for a planner?

wedding planners are AWESOME!

Imagine if there was a marketplace where you could review everything from vendors to event professionals (florist, caterer, dj), book them, check availability, get an invoice and pay for the services all on one platform? Sound too good to be true?

Well, we saw the need to make everyone’s life just a little easier and we did. It started when my sister Jackie was trying to plan a getaway wedding, she lives in Dallas and wanted to marry in California, Well, try planning a wedding from over 1200 miles away! Just the idea that she had to wait for a call back was frustrating and did not make sense to her. “I’m trying to give them business” she would say, “why doesn’t anyone call me back?” (side-note: she’s an A Type personality). Anyhow, eventually she had to hire someone or we would’ve had to commit her.

“please call me back!”

Yet, this made us think why isn’t there an easier way? So with a committed team we created and built EventSlice. It’s an online marketplace that allows you to book everything on one platform and keep it all nicely organized in your Eventslice account. Now, event planners will always be needed, but this simply provides another solution for those of us that want to do it on our own. Happy Planning.

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