Photo Courtesy Garrison Brothers

This year, instead of buying dad yet another mindless gift invite him to make some memories with you. There’s a ton of experiences out there that don’t require you to spend a ton to partake in something cool. Take Dad on a tour of a Whiskey or Spirits distillery. Garrison Brothers in Texas, offers the “Sit and Sip” Whiskey Tour. A guided walk of the ranch-distillery with detailed information about bourbon whiskey, tastings and the history of Garrison Brothers. This tour takes about an hour, cost $10 per person and free if you show up on a horse!

Photo Courtesy Exotics Racing

If speeds more up your alley, Exotics Racing in LA or Las Vegas, will rent you a brand new Lamborghini, Ferrari or and let you and Dad ride it on a closed track or an afternoon of speed and excitement. Help Dad relive his Miami Vice Days and pretend you’re Crockett and you’re Tubbs.

If Dad’s more of a foodie, consider buying him a spot in a Bee Keeping class. Bee Thinking offers a beginning beekeeping class for those interested in harvesting bees and their honey. The class is only $30 and once completed, the staff will guide you and help you select all the necessary supplies so Dad can keep his own beehive!

Whatever you decide, consider that Dad would most likely prefer spending some time and experiencing something cool with you over that new tie.

Happy Father’s Day!

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