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Sharing diverse perspectives from the Offline First community

Offline Camp Oregon 2019 is a wrap! As organizers, we were incredibly grateful to our attendees for their patience and understanding when we had to postpone the the fifth edition of the event due to a local wildfire. Although we lost some of our registered campers due to the reschedule, we gained others, and ultimately on September 27–30 we returned to Cascade Mountain Ranch (home of our 2017 event), outside of Grants Pass, Oregon, gathering 22 awesome humans for another fabulous weekend of relaxation, collaboration, and discussion. …

Offline Camp is an opportunity to gather the growing Offline First community for a discussion about development and design practices that can counter the effect of inherently spotty or non-existent network connections. It’s a unique experience that we love.

As you may have heard, we recently made the difficult decision to reschedule Offline Camp to September 27–30, 2019 due to the Milepost 97 wildfire in nearby Canyonville, Oregon. Although we anticipated that heavy smoke in Grants Pass would have made for an unhealthy experience this past weekend, we’re thrilled by the tremendous progress of fire crews, and we’re excited to…

Offline Camp is an opportunity to gather the growing Offline First community for a discussion about development and design practices that can counter the effect of inherently spotty or non-existent network connections. It’s a unique experience that we love.

Morning Standup at Offline Camp California

As editors of the Offline Camp Medium publication, we’re tremendously thankful for the many camp alumni and guest authors who have shared their perspectives on all aspects of these Offline First challenges and solutions since our first camp in June of 2016. …

An illustration from Nolan Lawson’s “Decentralization is Not Enough”

A conversation with Nolan Lawson

In his passion talk at Offline Camp Oregon in November of 2017, Nolan Lawson discussed the problems he’s noticed in the Offline First and decentralized web communities, where there’s often too much focus on tech and not enough on people. Nolan’s talk, titled “Decentralization is Not Enough,” explored the ways in which those with the most technical expertise are using their knowledge to build tools they’re passionate about, without successfully making the benefits clear to those around them. …

A beginner’s guide to ensuring quick page loads — offline or not — with service workers

As I shared in the first article of this beginner-friendly series, the Offline First development approach plans for the most constrained network environment first, enabling a great user experience even while a device is offline or has only an intermittent connection, and providing progressive enhancement as network conditions improve. Even if your app isn’t specifically intended to be useful offline, the speed and performance delivered by an Offline First design pattern can greatly improve user satisfaction.

Through the example of the offline-capable project management tool I built to manage the editorial workflow for the Offline Camp Medium publication, we saw…

A beginner’s guide to offline data storage and sync with PouchDB & Apache CouchDB™

Let’s get real. Networks are flaky, and that awesome web app you just built likely isn’t so impressive when you lose your connection. With an Offline First mindset and some simple client-side code, you can upgrade your masterpiece and deliver amazing user experiences in all network conditions. It’s easier than you might expect.

About this tutorial series

In this 2-part, beginner-friendly tutorial series, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to build my first offline-capable Progressive Web App using only client-side code:

  1. Enabling offline data storage, sync, and sharing with PouchDB and Apache CouchDB™
  2. Ensuring quick page loads — offline or not —…

An Offline Camp passion talk from Francis Brunelle on P2P networking, from Scuttlebutt to Beaker Browser and beyond

The campers at Offline Camp Oregon included a number of peer-to-peer (P2P) networking enthusiasts such as Francis Brunelle. In a passion talk, Francis introduced us to Scuttlebutt — self-described as “a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform” — and Beaker Browser — an experimental P2P web browser. Check out Francis’ talk below, then scroll down for additional resources.

Francis Brunelle presents “Offline First P2P Social Networks” at Offline Camp Oregon, November 2017

Scuttlebutt is a P2P networking protocol that works well offline and that can be used to build decentralized applications such as social networks. (This guide explains the protocol in more…

Signage welcomes participants at Global Diversity CFP Day Boston (Image Credit: Eddie Kay)

Preparing for new talks with fresh perspectives

On February 3, volunteers from over 50 cities around the globe hosted Global Diversity CFP Day workshops meant to encourage and support new speakers as they develop talk proposals and prepare for their first time on stage. The community event is based on workshops held in advance of ScotlandCSS and ScotlandJS 2016, and aims to increase diversity on the speaking circuit, particularly in tech.

As developer advocates, our team spends a lot of time thinking both about how to support diverse tech communities and how to hone our stagecraft, so the event was a natural fit for many of us…

A taste of Offline Camp Oregon, November 2017 (Video credit: Gregor)

Reflections on the fourth iteration of Offline Camp

The famed Oregon Trail is supposed to take 4–6 months to cross, but as Offline Camp organizers we’ve had a longer road. Offline Camp Oregon, which took place November 10–13, was our fourth event in the past 18 months, and our wagon party’s been growing along the way. From the Catskills to California to Berlin to Oregon, we’ve been pleased to welcome new members to the Offline First community at each event.

This time around we were especially excited to increase diversity in the Offline First community by expanding…

Offline Camp attendees share their perspective

As organizers of Offline Camp, an event meant to propel the Offline First community forward, we get a lot of questions about the term, first coined by Alex Feyerke and the Hoodie team in 2013, that defined the movement.

Among our campers we see a wide range of interests within the Offline First approach to development and design. Some folks are addressing the unique infrastructure challenges of the developing world and some are making apps work reliably for users dealing with spotty connections on the subway. Some are building Progressive Web Apps, while others are exploring native, desktop, and IoT…

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