A fond farewell to Kevin Pierce (well, for now)

Unfortunately all good thing really do come to an end, but Kevins’ time at Eventerprise will be on his mind forever! As we bid farewell to Kevin, these were his final thoughts…

When I arrived at Eventerprise, I was very unaware of what specifically I would be doing. And, now today 2 and a half months later, I still have no clue…

This is not because I haven’t had clear responsibilities to work on, which I have, but because, at a start-up like Eventerprise, employees find themselves working through different fields to assist on important projects and to provide outside feedback to those leading the project.

While I cannot specifically list all the things I worked on while at Eventerprise (because I would exceed my blog word limit, and you, the reader’s, patience), I can give an overview of the areas I got down and dirty in. Some of my work consisted of managing the company’s 3 separate Twitter accounts while assisting on video production and distribution projects. I provided summaries on market research. I contributed my ‘millennial input’ during office meetings. And, by far my favourite part of working at Eventerprise, was the development and presentation of structured proposals for business ideas that I believed would help Eventerprise. This really made a mark on me, as my ideas made their own mark on the business — I knew that all employees (especially the founders, Charlie nd Götz) would listen to my proposals and provide helpful feedback both for the proposals and towards the way I presented them.

Interning at Eventerprise is truly special, compared to other internships, as you can take on more responsibilities because it’s a start up, and all work you are assigned is relevant and critical to the success and future of the company — which beats making coffee. One can intern at a corporation where they have ‘formal training sessions’ but your work may have no impact, or you can work at a company where you learn by doing, with guidance, with the understanding that the work you do is business critical and is not just to keep an intern busy…

As I leave Eventerprise, I will take with me the important skills that I have learned and be able to apply them both to my future internships/employment and to my education, because these skills are so multifaceted. As I was constantly working on multiple different tasks, I also learned to multitask better than I ever had before, and how to manage my time in order to meet the deadlines of each task. I learned to better present my ideas in a way people just get and I’m able to adapt to and integrate any remarks or criticism, into the strategy to improve the idea. Another important skill I was able to improve upon was my ability to lead a team in executing projects and tasks while dealing with obstacles such as language barriers or different levels of experience with a specific business topic.

Lastly, leaving Eventerprise, I will look back at my time as well spent because of the amount I have learned. But, more importantly, I shall look back fondly because I truly enjoyed working alongside the other members of the Eventerprise Team.

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Originally published at www.eventerprise.com on August 15, 2016.

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