Beautiful India — so much to see & even more to learn.

The stakes are high and lots of buzzwords are thrown around when describing advances in SaaS software companies. But, in a tiny, codified nutshell, Eventerprise has to dish out clean high-performance user experiences, intuitive processes that require little training, mobile-first, collaboration-first, ‘try before you buy’/freemium, APIs and integrations with powerful analytics, flexibility/configuration and consumerised interfaces. In order to do that, we have to have the right team in place.

But, the cost of talent acquisition has risen significantly in Europe and in the US where top developers are earning more than executives do. Our Antwort,(head developer, Anthony) is to secure top talent from the development of global production hubs which are able to scale and outperform. All this has resulted in truly global Eventerprise footprints in India, US, Europe, UAE, Philippines and South Africa.

So, recently, I made the trip over to India to meet and further strengthen our ties with one of our partners: the development wing of Eventerprise — Tirth and Ajay. These fellas get even less sleep than the man who oversees them, Anthony, we learn how to move fast forward in order to deliver real value to our event suppliers and hosts on a global scale.

The visit itself was amazing, with a bit of sight-seeing and the real-deal curry fest, but the workshops, where our partners taught us a few tough lessons about ‘getting things right, fast’ were even more so. If you want to understand how India thinks, all you have to do is watch their traffic — to our eyes it may seem a chaotic mess of cars dodging in and out and avoiding pedestrians, and cows at the same time. But what emerges from this madness is the skill of the drivers and the idea that while everything may be very different, everything still works. India is a whole nation on the move to show up and dish out truly remarkable things from a different way of thinking. There is a lot of discipline in the chaos you see which is what makes it such an amazing place. In the coming years, India’s ability to deliver in terms of speed and scale is only going to strengthen the country’s presence on the international stage.

In a land swimming with developers and coders, all of whom have an enterprising and intelligent spirit, finding the perfect match for Eventerprise, even in a country with more than double the amount in South Africa is still a tricky task. It took us over one year (and a few costly lessons) to find Tirth and Ajay and their young development company. Both truly understand and share our mission at Eventerprise and their commitment is going far beyond producing code and applying top notch technology for our platform. Tirth and Ajay want to learn fast and love the business idea. They understand our global potential and have been bringing top solutions to the table, making them true partners. Their team is helping us scale Eventerprise cost effectively while keeping our very high quality standards — a challenge few are able to meet currently even in Silicon Valley. We have proven here (again) that our International Hub & Spoke approach to find business intelligence for different parts of our business case works (code/development — India; sales — UAE/Philippines; legal/finance — Switzerland/Germany; SaaS/thought leadership — USA etc).

The hospitality in India is something difficult to describe and was, perhaps, the thing that took me by surprise and deeply touched me the most. The people always had ready smiles on their faces, willing to go out of their way to help, and exuded genuine happiness — these are some of the common traits you will find. The Sanskrit adage, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” meaning ‘the guest is truly your god’ dictates the respect granted to guests in India. On the last day, Tirth and Ajay’s parents even came to visit, bring us flowers and to wish us well!

Our head of development and scrum master Anthony will now be able to respond to any demands which are coming along our agile way to add value — real value to the world of events @Eventerprise — as our relationship develops. It took a while, but the results made the search worth it, as our team swells with the skills of our new Indian partners.

Thanks Tirth and Ajay @Eventerprise T.E.A.M India for this great experience. Now we have some unfinished business to take care of — the next journey we’d like to take with you.

Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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