Corporate event planners are essential for the success of your event

Every host knows that corporate events are held with specific objectives in mind. When no expense is spared to identify and meet these objectives, it is crucial to call on the most suitable candidate for the job — the professional corporate event planner.

Putting together an epic birthday party or lavish family dinner requires some skill, and many corporate employees have the organisational talents and attention to detail to make a great success of a private event; in between their actual work, of course. But when it comes to hosting a corporate event on a grander scale it is absolutely imperative to call in the big guns. Professional corporate event planners are experts in all aspects of reaching your event’s objectives and will save time, money and at times your company’s reputation, while your corporate employees can focus on what they were hired for.

You may assume that an internal team will save on cost, as this is most likely the reason for choosing this option but they may cost your company much more. It is wise to invest in a professional corporate event planner and here are our top reasons why:


There are many aspects of an event to keep in mind during the planning process including travel logistics, accommodation, catering, excursions, speakers and entertainment. An experienced corporate event planner has built up a wealth of knowledge on what works and what can go wrong in any type of event. This equips their team to handle any situation that may arise, leaving both you and the attendees with a positively memorable experience. Having the know-how saves time and being wholly dedicated to the success of the event ensures your event planner has spent ample time confirming every last detail.


With experience comes connections and with connections comes purchasing power. As event planners spend time in an industry, they develop relationships with suppliers and producers that non-event planners may not have access to or even know about. Often these relationships include better rates than those available to the general public, access to top-tier service and flexible negotiations when future business can be expected.

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