Four ways you can encourage female leadership at your company

The answer to how companies can support female leadership in business and tech starts at the top. That is because, according to recent studies, a lack of female leadership and role models at the upper level of management results in higher dropout rates among the middle and lower layers of a company. As more than half of women leave their jobs at the peak of their career, more than twice the rate of their male counterparts, the question of how to better support women in climbing up the corporate ladder has become entrenched in the minds of top executives.

But closing the leadership gap isn’t just good for women, it’s also great for business. Studies show that organizations with women in top executive positions simply do better than their counterparts without. Rena Nigram, President for Global Services and Solutions for Incedo, says this is for a few reasons; first, women are better at assessing risks and making decisions; and second, diversity of thought (a good mix of male and female executives) is best for decision making. At Eventerprise, we consistently strive to create a diverse working space through not just our balanced gender makeup, but also our international team of young adults and experienced professionals.

So how do we ensure that we are engaging with potential female leaders and encouraging them to pursue higher positions within our companies?

1) Acknowledge the Problem

“Women don’t experience obvious forms of sexism as much as they did a decade ago. Instead, they face an easily masked undercurrent of bigotry — it comes in more subtle forms today” — Rena Nigram in Information Week.

Rena Nigram says the first step to closing the leadership gap is acknowledging its existence. While it’s easy to pretend that the metaphorical existence of the glass ceiling is outdated in an age of more and more powerful women in business, it’s just simply not true. We need to embrace the idea that hidden rules, biases, and falsehoods still exist in the world of female versus male leadership in order to employ more female executives.

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