Gartner names the platform revolution a top trend in 2016

Gartner Inc, the world’s foremost technology research and advisory firm, recently released its annual Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, a graphic representation of how applications evolve over time. In their research Gartner sorted through more than 2,000 new technologies to identify the most innovative areas that organizations should utilize to gain competitive advantage. This year, the three biggest trends disrupting digital businesses are transparently immersive experiences, perceptual smart machines, and of course, the platform revolution.

Transparently immersive technologies, such as 4D printing, Augmented reality, and brain-computer interface, are making our tech world more human-centric and creating bridges between people, businesses, and both physical and virtual things. Perceptual smart machines, the second trend, provide endless opportunities as huge amounts of data become available, leading to the rise of technologies such as machine learning, virtual personal assistants, and smart data discovery.

And finally the platform revolution is beginning a wave of entirely new, scalable business models that can connect people and communities across borders. All three of these tech strategies emphasize the human experience of technology by creating and connecting communities through honest business models. Gartner emphasizes the importance of utilizing these emerging technologies to keep up with advancement, so we’re understandably pretty excited to see the platform business model made the cut!

As we work to disrupt the event industry with our platform, it’s exciting to step back and look at how Eventerprise is part of a larger revolution of companies changing the way we use technology to make sense of our world. We are creating an ecosystem within the event industry — a platform that enables us to provide an honest and transparent experience for both suppliers and event hosts — whilst employing a business model that bridges the gap between technology and human connection. As Eventerprise grows, we hope to use our platform to seamlessly cross borders and create a global event community that can connect the industry in a way never seen before. We are proud to be participants of the platform revolution and proud to be #trending.

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.

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