How did you know I was looking?

Finding the right people is more than hard. There’s a 1 in 1000 (literally) chance that you’ll find the right employee, who fits the very specific profile of skills, talent and passion that you’re looking for. Not only is Eventerprise taking the events industry head-on with ground breaking networking capabilities, but we are also digging our shovels into the minefields of all your favorite social networks to seek and source the best of the best that the international talent pool has to offer.

Seeking techniques, like traditional marketing tactics, are tired and outdated. Attraction techniques are where it’s at — we put ourselves out there, create a buzz, let people know who we are and make them WANT to work for us.

Once we’ve defined the specifics around the ‘whom’, our recruiter and social marketing team works tirelessly to pinpoint exactly where we will find the 100% match for any positions that we need to fill. Ding ding!


Here’s what we did to make sure Facebook adverts found the right people. Recently, we were looking for MBA students to join us and we know that the best come from the best. So, with an opening for a Financial MBA Intern, we didn’t just sit phoning around and dropping emails. Not a chance… We hit ’em in their home.

Let’s say you are an MBA student, with a financial major, and you are sitting in your dorm room, at your campus in Berlin, Massachusetts or London at 23h00 and decide to start scrolling through your timeline, not even for a moment thinking about school, work, travelling or the like. That’s when our clever little social marketers hit you up with our brand, carefully planned and selected imagery and copy (‘words’, people). Ok cool, but you’ve never heard of Eventerprise and you’re sitting on the opposite end of the world; how’d we reach you?

Simple… We knew that your school has the best talent, and that in your summer terms you will be required to fulfill an internship. We also know that somewhere along the line, your friends have been to South Africa, or even Cape Town… and voila! Lightning bolt moment! Eventerprise has ‘told’ you that we want you. Subliminal… maybe. Purposeful? Absolutely! All that’s left is for you to click on our handy logo, and you get directed to us. And, as with many things, your journey has begun.

Does it really work?

Yes. No diggity. No doubt. We have tried and tested this approach, and have found that every cent spent on our ad campaigns returned far more.

What are the future plans for E-Recruitment?

Well, that’s our little secret for now, but I can tell you that we are making the Eventerprise circle bigger. More platforms, more positions, more opportunities (and more in my next article…).

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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