How you can make a career out of event management

The events and exhibitions industry is growing rapidly, and those in the know say that anyone who is enthusiastic, and willing to work 25 hours a day, should be able to get in on the ground floor with no experience or qualifications.

You know you have what it takes to build a successful career in the fast-paced world of events but exceptional organisational skills, the ability to keep cool under pressure and possessing the charm of a networking goddess already may not be enough to make you the new breakout star in event management. The question remains, how do you get your foot in that door without any ties to the industry?

Formal qualifications

Getting started in the events industry can be tough and choosing to enroll for a formal qualification is a great way to begin if you have the time and the means. Although a formal qualification isn’t strictly necessary to enter the practical industry of events, technical colleges and universities offer formal training ranging from short 3-month introductory courses to in-depth 3 or 4 year degrees. Short online courses are an effective way to broaden your knowledge about the events industry and learn about the skills needed to make an impact as an event planner. Attending a formal course also gives you the opportunity to network with fellow students and seasoned planners who have “made it” as successful event managers, and feel it their duty to teach the next generation. Time spent in formal education has its value but a shiny diploma simply means you read a lot of literature on the subject and completed event planning projects in a controlled environment. Gaining real world working experience while learning the theory behind planning outstanding events will put you a head above the rest of your classmates when CVs are compared.

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