It’s a content jungle out here

When Götz and Charlie asked me on my first day at Eventerprise what I would like to do, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I answered ‘I like working with content’. During my studies in the Netherlands I always tried to focus on writing and content management and I hoped that during my time at Eventerprise I would get a chance to learn more about this. Well, I’ve been here for five weeks now and I’ve already learned more in this short time than I did in four years of studying. I know, that’s what everyone says, but really, It’s true.

Content at Eventerprise is very dynamic and for us fresh-faced straight out of diaper newbies, it’s also very chaotic. But as I’m appointed ‘Miss Mailing Management’, I have the honor of bringing order to this chaos. During my first week here I did not know what was happening to me. I was bombarded with blogs, banners and newsletters and to top it off there was this German guy who just kept on yelling more and more tasks towards my desk — thanks Götz. At one point I was even a bit jealous on interns who are only allowed to get coffee and make copies. Crazy right?

But as days went by I started to get used to the Eventerprise content jungle. It’s a very big, chaotic and resourceful forest with a lot of trees — for those who don’t get it: the trees are the people. So to get more of a birds-eye, Charlie, Götz and I created an amazing content matrix. With one glance at the matrix I know whose door I have to knock on when something isn’t delivered yet. So the biggest part of my day consists of calling, mailing and chasing everyone who needs to produce something. If I don’t chase them, Charlie and Götz will chase me. And you have to believe me when I say that you really don’t want that.

Managing the content at Eventerprise is a bumpy ride and no two days are the same. I got thrown into the deep end but after a few weeks of swimming I’m finally able to keep my head above the water. I don’t like working with content. I love it.

Originally published at on March 24, 2016.

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