Re-re-plotting our financial course

On the tempestuous seas that are the current business climate (especially in the platform realm) — there is little that can really be labeled as a ‘concrete, 100% accurate plan’. Sure you have your solid strategy and business model, and your purpose should be unshakable, but things change too quickly for them to be accurate for very long. And nothing changes faster than the numbers… This makes navigation tricky as, for some investors, the financials are the truest map on which to judge the impending success of any venture. And, we believe, anyone who isn’t updating their financial projections at least once a quarter is probably going to end up on the rocks. But, even though our financials are a constant work in progress, our timelines aren’t quite as flexible as we might like.

Recently, our global expansion reached an exciting milestone as we presented our new and updated Investor Report and Financial Forecast to a collection of existing and potential investors.

Some of these VC’s, who over time have become Friends of Eventerprise, have been watching with intent from the wings. We owe them today’s numbers not just for the dollars they bring to the table to make rapid scalability possible, but because they represent the whole package of strategic and ‘smart capital,’ along with the personality traits, that we as a business are excited to align ourselves with– people who are on-board 100% and for the right reasons.

The mammoth importance of pulling this document together was palpable — felt as the humming energy in our office; seen as lights on in the boardroom well into the night; heard in the quickened pace of footsteps, as the E-team united to meet this tight deadline. Assembling the report required all hands on deck. We set our quarter-by-quarter expansion plan on a timeline and expedited the onerous task of forecasting revenues and expenses, with enough time to spare for our accountants and business analysts to stress-test the numbers and add their expert touch.

As a start-up on the brink of spreading its wings, nothing quite prepares you for the experience of persistently leaping out of your comfort-zone ­– except doing it. This is all part of our DNA to the core — we call it “Showing Up”. As we finished, it sank in that this really was a week where every member of the E-team rolled their sleeve up and did exactly that, they Showed Up. Hey, that’s just what transforms a presentation into a game changer.

Originally published at on August 29, 2016.

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