Recommitted Eventerprise Manifesto

Götz Thümecke and Charlie Wright — Founders of

A manifesto. A statement of intent.

In the world of events, there are those who ride the wave and there are those who create it. We pay tribute to the latter by doing the same.

These are the courageous, determined humans who understand the real power that events represent. The mavericks. The entrepreneurs. The revolutionaries. Those with vision, and the fortitude to make it real.

It’s a big world. There are the giants and the little guys; the 50 years’ experience and the intrepid upstarts. The ‘we do it all’ and the ‘we do this better than anyone else’. The big-idea guys and the perfect-execution girls. It’s thanks to them that we congregate, to challenge, test and redefine our reality. It’s because of them that we come together.

Events happen every second of every day. Conferences. Parties. ‘Cordially invited to…’s. Launches. Lunches. The giant 3-day festivals and the intimate 80th teas. Whether it’s high falutin’ or down and dirty, getting together is what keeps us together.

But the world of events is disconnected. Growth is limited by our networks, and by geography. Word of mouth only travels so far, which means opportunities are slim. Finding the right event supplier is as hard as finding the right host. In this archaic world, the deserving ones don’t get the cred they deserve, and events are satisfactory as long as they meet the low benchmark. This world is stale. This world is inefficient. And this world is about to change.

Events connect people, and we connect events. While they’re busy connecting humanity, we’re connecting them.

We’ve created a global community with local relevance, where you can find the best-of-the-best-of-the-best at the click of a search button. Where the worthy find their voice. Where those at the top of their game are raised to the top of the heap. Where people can tell and share stories about the next-big-thing. Where the benchmark is raised higher, and the status-quo redefined, every day. Where we find our love for events again.

We connect, to start conversations. We unify, so ideas can be nurtured. We are creating the world where the best can rise to their rightful place, and receive the accolades they’ve worked so hard for.

There’s power in events, and there’s so much power in a community. We’re uplifting the former, by building the latter. We don’t believe we’re just a part of the future; we’re creating it. And it looks grand.

Originally published at on September 23, 2016.

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