The Age of Information vs The Age of Experience

Some commentators are saying we are done with the Age of Information and a brave new world has arrived where immersive experiences, based on our modern culture of digital sharing and omnipresent (mobile) communications technology, is redefining how we interact with each other.

Mass eulogies for the passing of the Age of Information may be slightly premature, but there is no denying the impact of an ‘always online’ hyper-connected society on how we communicate with each other. We have moved on from just exchanging information via email to sharing our experiences when and where they are happening via visual apps on mobile devices — and then receiving immediate feedback in the form of likes, retweets or comments.

According to a recent TechCrunch article, the layering of different types of technologies on top of each other has created an “experience stack” with the real world at the bottom and the latest apps like Snapchat at the top. Developments in each layer will affect how our experiences are shared and utilised.

This new world where experience trumps information has also meant that businesses have had to become much more engaging and responsive in their communication with customers. Gone are the days where a business could bombard a passive target market with incessant, one-directional marketing (think infomercials) that ranted on and on about the greatness of their products or services.

Today’s consumers demand an immersive experience that makes the product or service personal to them and their needs. That means multi-channel interactivity and real-time sharing of opinions, reviews and ratings — 24/7.

“If an experience isn’t shareable, it’s not an experience. And if you’re not an experience, you’re not a brand. Period. The future of marketing and branding starts with experience design.” — Brain Solis

The advantages to embracing this new Age of Experience are numerous. By establishing real-time, always-available and easily-accessible interactive channels for your customers, your business will come across as more transparent, more caring and more trustworthy — which is what it should be from the get-go. By facilitating the sharing of customer experiences you will build a powerful community that will carry your brand from strength to strength.

At Eventerprise we have made it our mission to make our community as interactive as humanly digitally possible. We have made it super easy for our suppliers and hosts to share their experiences with each other and grow themselves through that process. But we also walk the talk here — you will find us sharing our own experiences in the world of events on a regular basis.

So share away and make your experiences count within the Eventerprise community!

Originally published at on August 1, 2016.