The only 3 reasons you need to hire a wedding planner

With a wealth of specialised knowledge and a clipboard in hand, a professional wedding planner is a superhero of the events industry among those in the know.

One of the happiest days of your adult life will undoubtedly be your wedding day, with every detail carefully chosen to represent the love you share with those nearest and dearest to you. For those of us who have intricate wedding day fantasies to those who have only imagined their magical day once or twice, the planning process doesn’t necessarily form part of the blissful event.

Planning your own wedding may seem like a romantic couples’ activity to draw you closer before the big day, but it’s not. It is an extremely difficult task to take on especially if you both have full time jobs, have big, widespread families with some drama or have never arranged an event of the same magnitude before. Keep in mind that you are also the guest of honour at your wedding and that in itself takes a lot of planning.

A growing number of very happy couples are making use of wedding planners to arrange their special day. Wedding planners are said to be a godsend by those who have made use of their services and time and again the same reasons are given for the choice. In truth, you only need the following three reasons to justify spending some of your budget on the services of a professional wedding planner.


Managing your money is one of the hardest aspects of planning your wedding. Who is paying how much for what when? A wedding planner is like a financial adviser or an accountant who specialises in weddings. They know how much certain things should cost, roughly what percentage of your budget will be spent in each area and when payments will need to be made in order to secure services or products.

Experienced wedding planners build relationships with various vendors that cater to the wedding market and may often be able to secure a discount that doesn’t appear on paper. Wedding planners will very likely bring repeat business to suppliers that they have a positive experience with and suppliers know this. Wedding planners can leverage their influence to negotiate the best price on everything from lighting to officiant hire, and ultimately cover their costs.

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