There’s pipeline in our platform

Current wisdom holds that the days of the pipeline business (where a linear series of activities underpins the classic value-chain model) are numbered. The rise of the digital platform economy has produced recent upstarts such as Uber and Facebook, some of whom have attained higher market values than centenarian dinosaurs like Ford (whose founder, Henry Ford, was influential in the development of the assembly line technique of mass production — funny that).

At Eventerprise we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a cutting-edge SaaS platform out to disrupt the world of events, although there is a wee pipeline lurking at the centre of our model.

The eye-catching events company profiles that you see on our website are the products of this pipeline. We start by collecting the publicly available data of events related businesses all over the world, which is then used by our creative profilers to handcraft searchable, interactive profiles for each events supplier.

Once the profile is active on our site we offer a powerful array of premium features, such as unlimited reviews and ratings, which have been proven to elevate the visibility and the traffic of potential clients to those event suppliers wise enough to invest in them. All of these features are free of charge for a full month, after which our sales team contact the event suppliers to explain the value of utilising them on a permanent basis in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Event suppliers are welcome to continue using their basic Eventerprise profiles for free, but they do forfeit all the premium feature advantages, such unlimited reviews and ratings, an embeddable video function, unlimited advertising options and the ability to receive a request for proposals from interested event hosts. This is why we urge event suppliers to interact as much as possible with our platform during their initial month with free access to all the premium features.

However, before the Silicon Valley purists among you have a fit, we’ve made sure that we apply platform principles to each component of our profile-to-sales pipeline.

That means partnering with external service providers wherever possible and utilising the latest in communication and collaboration technology to connect with them. Automated tools are used as far as possible to minimise mind-numbing repetitive jobs, which is one reason why we are such a happy bunch. In a nutshell, we are always looking for the most cost-effective scalable solutions.

Our sales process is also constantly evolving to stay ahead of consumer expectations. For one we understand the importance of social selling, where building value adding relationships with our clients carries more weight than bombarding them with marketing messages.

In addition, our constantly expanding range of add-ons are designed to maximise the Eventerprise effect. From social media boosters to cross-category advertising, we want to make sure that event suppliers have access to innovative products that provide a real return on their marketing investment.

So although pipeline has become a bit of a swearword in today’s entrepreneurial lexicon we’ve made sure ours is as “platformed” as they come.

Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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