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I don’t need to tell any of you job seekers out there right now that the job market is scary. I was unemployed for a few months at the beginning of 2015, looking for a change in something creative but still a pretty stable office environment. Well in 2015, digital media became the number one media in 14 global markets. People are now consuming an average of over 5 hours of digital media a day (making it even more pertinent for job seekers to be online).

Digital marketers are picking up this trend and catering towards their online audience. How are they doing this? One way is by making use of programmatic advertising, which is a more efficient form of advertising because it automates the buying of ad space. Programmatic advertising targets specific audiences, with many variables, from interests to location and everything in-between. These ads can be set to serve the audience in various formats including traditional online advertisements (banner ads), Facebook posts and even videos.

Sounds pretty interesting, yes? If you’re looking for a job market with consistent growth, and an interesting career you can discuss with friends, a career with potential, digital marketing may be the place for you. Let’s see some more facts* on how digital marketing and programmatic advertising have increased in the past few years and how it is projected to grow*:
 • Digital video advertising spend reached $4.9B globally in 2015
 • The UK will be spending £2B on programmatic advertising in 2016.
 • In fact, the US spent $15.43B on programmatic advertising in 2015…
 • and is projected to spend 20.43B on programmatic advertising in 2016, which accounts for 63% of all budget allocated to digital advertising.
 • Mobile advertising spend increased 70% from 2014 to 2015.

Advertisers are also starting to notice the massive potential of advertising on mobile and are starting to make this a priority. Advertising content is being tailored to look fantastic in mobile placement. Total global spend on mobile advertising alone was $72B in 2015!

Did I think I’d end up in advertising? Not a chance. You never imagine your Instagram skills will one day bring you an income. But it happened to me and it could work for you too!

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Originally published at www.eventerprise.com on August 15, 2016.