What’s in a logo?

Normally, the result of a team of highly-paid graphic designers brainstorming for a week before all agreeing on an over-stylised derivation of the company’s name. Sometimes this works, but more often than not you’re left wondering if you couldn’t better it yourself with nothing more than a pencil and sheet of scrap paper.

When we founded Eventerprise we knew what we wanted to achieve. That’s always the easy bit, the trick was how to go about it. Inevitably it’s the same for almost everything: one step at a time, and always moving in a forward direction. We wanted our logo to showcase that (our forward moving, forward-thinking ability), but we also wanted to highlight our bringing together event hosts with event suppliers across the world.

In a nutshell, we’re connecting a very disconnected industry and bringing it together on our platform. In the process of doing that and telling our story, our new logo was realised. Like us, it’s multisided. At first, you might see the propeller on the flat surface, a nod to how we’re constantly progressing and moving the events industry as a whole into a new direction. On the other hand you may notice the sleek “E” beautifully hidden in plain sight by using the available negative space.

Perhaps you’re reminded of a whale’s tail when you look at our logo (we’re capable of big things, so that’s not accidental either). By expressing what we are through our logo we retained a degree of mystique while at the same time showing our client base exactly who we are.

Originally published at www.eventerprise.com on July 27, 2016.

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