You can run an international company with students & recent post-grads. We’re doing it!

“You do what?”, my mate Dave, GM for an international travel company based in London asked incredulously for the second time. “It’s just not possible, we can barely get decent people if we pay them in our industry and you say you are running a global startup with a bunch of youngsters who travelled halfway around the world for the privilege of working their behinds off at a startup? You must be having a laugh.”

I shook my head and grinned. What many people like Dave, who are still caught up in a linear way of doing things, don’t understand is that in the brave new world of digital platforms there’s no “can’t do”, there’s only fast forward with all the resources at your disposal. And if those resources happen to be millennials with a knack for agile thinking and who are born digital natives, then you may actually have a head start on your competition.

One of the greatest advantages of having young students on your team is that they bring a fresh perspective to scenarios which often results in out-of-the-box solutions that more dogmatic thinking, often prevalent in long-term employees, may have overlooked.

Then there’s the energy. It’s undeniable that every fresh bunch of interns brings with them an infectious eagerness that energises the business as a whole. If properly led this energy has been shown to be able to push the business forward in leaps and bounds.

Which brings me to my next point, leadership. You can have the most bright-eyed bushy-tailed interns in the world but if they are just cast adrift without proper direction the results are guaranteed to be disappointing, both for the company and their own growth. We are fortunate in having several experienced leaders who not only lead by example when it comes to the actual hard graft, but also know how to develop a path and sketch developmental parameters for each new arrival.

Eventerprise is not the first company that has bought into the mutual benefit of integrating interns into the running of its operations.

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