6 Ways An Admissions App Can Help Your Recruiting Efforts

Increasing the reach of your school in recruiting efforts and bringing in the right prospective students are two important functions of an admissions team. Having a mobile app that supports those initiatives provides new opportunities to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll be going over benefits that an Admissions App can offer for you and your prospective students.

1. Mobilizing Your Campus Tours

You can host campus tour information inside of the app. This gives prospective students the ability to access them at any time, which is especially useful for students who don’t have the means to visit your campus.

2. Organized Location For All Resources

With an app you have a unique opportunity to showcase student resources in custom, dynamic formats. This includes information such as:

  1. Student Stories: A gallery that can be used to highlight stories from current students and Alumni.
  2. School Profiles: Unique profiles that can showcase any number of colleges at your university.
  3. Upcoming Events: Give students a glimpse of what life is like at your university by having a listing of events that your admissions team is hosting.

3. Direct Communication With Students

A mobile app also gives you the ability to have a direct medium to connect with students. Two key examples are:

1. Push Notifications

You can now send messages directly to prospective students’ phones with our push notification system. This allows you to immediately contact prospective students who have the app downloaded.

Use it to send event reminders, application deadlines, or even sponsored messages. There are no limits to the number of messages you can send, which grants you full control over how you plan on utilizing the system.

2. Social Media Integration

Our app platform allows for you to integrate a variety of social media channels to help keep prospective students connected with your university. For example, our platform’s built-in Twitter feed shows posts specific to your hashtag that can be used as a news feed for students to interact with. You can also link students directly to your social media handles and have their respective sites be hosted inside the app.

4. Sponsor Promotion

Since the app will be a direct source of up-to-date information for many prospective students, it creates a valuable opportunity for sponsors to promote their brand. To help facilitate that interaction, our app offers a variety of options for sponsors to choose from:

  1. Sponsored Push Notification Messages
  2. Front Page Brand Promotion
  3. Dedicated Sponsors Module

Monetization Opportunity

Our promotion options are designed to create opportunities for sponsors to increase their ROI. This allows your team to potentially charge for those services, which then offers a way to monetize the app.

5. Data Analytics

Having an app provides another added benefit: it tracks data about how your users are interacting with the content inside of it. As an admissions team, you can use that functionality to help answer important questions that you might have about your recruiting efforts. For instance, we can track the number of times the app was opened as well as the amount of interactions that the app had. This in turn allows us to answer questions such as:

  1. Which upcoming admissions event received the highest traffic on the app?
  2. When are my students most active on the app?
  3. Are students reviewing the resource links placed in the app?

Additionally, our apps offer the ability to have in-app surveys, providing an accessible way for prospective students to leave your team feedback. Survey responses are updated in real time, allowing you to quickly see student feedback via an online survey portal we provide.

6. University Branding

Our apps are highly modular. Everything, from the coloration of the app to the images used on the front page can be customized to fit your university’s brand. This allows you to truly make the app unique to your university’s brand.

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