6 Ways An Alumni App Can Help Build Stronger Alumni Connections

Empowering alumni to not only connect with each other, but also back with the university is one of the most important functions of an alumni association. Because alumni hold shared experiences as students of their school, this lends itself to powerful networking opportunities; whether it’s in the form of class reunions or volunteer events. Even in their local communities, alumni can form affinity networks to pursue common interests with their peers.

Ultimately, alumni associations hold the unique responsibility of fostering such relationships amongst their alumni and building upon the university’s brand and mission.

Now that we’re in the mobile age, we asked ourselves at Eventus how we could use the capabilities of mobile apps to help alumni associations pursue that goal. How can an app be leveraged to create more opportunities to connect and keep alumni up to date?

1. Networking Capabilities

Keeping Alumni Connected

First and foremost, an alumni app can easily be used as a networking tool. Using an app, alumni members can create a profile and be added to a member list. From there, alumni can view the list to find people of specific interests and start connecting with them. Alumni can also utilize the search functionality to help them quickly find another member.

2. Informational Capabilities

Using an app, you have the unique ability to provide custom dynamic content to alumni. Information such as:

  • Event Listings: A listing of all upcoming events that your association is hosting. Keep all the relevant information for the event in this module, including links to register and
  • Staff Contact: A gallery view of your association staff. You can put staff bios, contact information, and more in each of their specific profiles.
  • Travel Programs: A listing of program information for any of your travel opportunities. All information in regards to the program can be stored in this module.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to communicate with alumni members by sending a message directly to their phones.

Immediately update alumni members on important information

Our push notification web portal allows you to send messages to your alumni as often as you need to. This makes it extremely easy to keep them up to date on anything from event reminders to things happening at the university.

Promote sponsors and other messages

Use the push notifications as a way to send out donation messages, sponsor offerings, and other promoted messages.

4. Social Engagement

Since most people engage with social media nowadays through their mobile phones, your social media presence can also be promoted through the app.

For instance, a live twitter feed can be integrated into the app so that alumni can keep up to date with the latest tweets from your team.

Your Facebook and Instagram handles can also be included to provide easy access those accounts.

5. Sponsor Value & Revenue Generation

With a mobile app, you have the ability to showcase your sponsors to the members of the alumni association. This provides a unique opportunity to provide more value to your sponsors and generate additional sponsorship revenue.

Additionally, you can also make it easy for members to access your donation page by providing a direct link within the app.

6. Feedback Capabilities

If you want to get your members’ thoughts on certain events or offers, instant feedback can be garnered through the usage of an in-app survey system. Once members provide their feedback, results can be viewed in real time through a survey results panel:


With features that enable the use of profile creation and dynamic content, an alumni app can empower members to build new relationships and stay up to date with the latest news. Ultimately, it is a tool that can help the overarching mission of alumni associations to connect their alumni and strengthen the university’s presence after the college experience.

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