7 Benefits of Having a Race Track App

Smartphones are readily becoming people’s main source of accessing online information. An app for your race track allows you to take advantage of that trend by putting your track’s information where your attendees are looking. This offers great benefits for your race track, and below are 7 ways how:

1. Accessible, live Race Cards

Attendees can access race cards in the app. Having them hosted on a digital platform offers:

  1. The ability to update race cards with event day happenings like non-runners or even results.
  2. Convenience to your attendees who might find having the race card in their mobile phone more accessible than lugging around a program.

2. Event Navigation

Uncommonly accessed locations or newcomers might benefit from mobile, Google-integrated navigation. You can mark locations anywhere you’d like on the map, from different parking lots, to event day attractions.

You can also place a map of your track in the app. You can mark locations of interest for your attendees such as:

  1. Entrances to the track
  2. Ticket booths
  3. Food & refreshments
  4. Restrooms
  5. Club areas
  6. Areas for children

3. Seamless integration with your existing technology

The app can host any existing web pages you might already use for things like:

  1. Ticketing
  2. Your online merchandise store

4. Social Media

Encourage attendees to interact with your course (or an event) on social media. A Twitter Feed showing tweets from the day boosts engagement. Additionally, you can host pages such as your Instagram and Facebook for added touch points with your social channels.

5. Pundit Opinions

Attendees can easily access pundit opinions on the outcomes of the race. This lets them keep up-to-date on all of the predictions of the race without having to wait to hear it from a 3rd party source.

6. Push Notifications

As part of our platform we give you access to a push notification portal. This allows you to send messages directly to anyone who has your app downloaded. You can use this to:

  1. Update attendees of any changes to the race they’re attending
  2. Send out results for races
  3. Give sponsors a way to directly communicate with race attendees

7. Customized Branding

Something unique about our app platform is that our apps are extremely modular, allowing you to brand them to be truly customized for your race track. Everything, from the front page of the app to the colors that you choose to use can be changed to match your brand.

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