9 Ways a Bridal Expo App Can Improve Your Next Event

A Bridal Expo App offers new, interactive tools that can light up your attendee experience. It can improve your expo dramatically, and below are 9 ways how.

1. Digitized Schedules and more

Schedules and other program information can be stored digitally. Useful for:

  1. Real-time updates to digital information
  2. Reducing time and money spent on printing, and attendees don’t have to lug around programs
  3. More features that add to the experience, like the ability to search or filter through various lists

2. Vendor Profiles

Both vendors and attendees will love having a go-to page in your app. Attendees can selectively peruse through vendors they’re interested in, while vendors will get that extra exposure from being closer to the attendees.

3. Expo Floor Plan

A floor plan of your expo can offer convenient access to the various parts of your venue. You can also place interactive pins on the floor plan that attendees can tap to see additional information about points of interest.

4. Expo Navigation

Integration with way-finding technology such as Google Maps gives attendees the ability to navigate to specific locations that you provide. This makes it easier for attendees to find areas such as:

  1. Parking
  2. Location of the expo
  3. Local vendor locations

5. Push Notifications

Send direct messages that attendees will definitely see. Push notifications offer you a direct line of communication. You can:

  1. Send updates on expo information (e.g., last minute schedule change)
  2. Promote sponsors & vendors
  3. Remind attendees of events during the expo

6. Notes

Attendees can take in-app notes which can be accessed at any time, even after the expo is over.

7. Sponsors

Use the app as a sponsor promotion tool:

  1. Our push notification system lets you promote them by sending out sponsored messages
  2. Sponsors can promote their brand on the app’s homepage
  3. A dedicated module for all of your sponsors that lets them have their own bios and links to website/social media handles.

8. Custom Branding

Customize the app to be truly branded for your organization. Everything, from the coloration inside the app to the pictures used on the home page can be changed.

9. Social Media

Integrating social media into your expo app provides attendees a direct way to engage with your expo. This helps drive social engagement surrounding your expo, which benefits not only you but also your vendors and sponsors. Examples of social media integration are:

  1. Using a built-in Twitter feed as a newsfeed for your expo
  2. Hosting other social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook for easy access

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