8 Ways An Event App Will Improve Your Next Conference

Conferences offer a great opportunity for knowledge to be shared among the attendees. It’s where new innovations are showcased, groundbreaking research is shared, and connections into new industries are made.

With such important activity happening in a small span of time, it’s vital to ensure that the event experience is as smooth as possible for attendees. An event app can help support that bottom line, and below are 8 reasons how:

1. Digitized Information

Schedule, Workshops, and Speaker Bios

Any text-based information (e.g., schedules, speaker bios, exhibitor bios, and more) can be hosted inside the app. This offers 3 main benefits:

  1. Reduction in printing costs
  2. All information can be updated instantly
  3. Information can be filtered to make it easier for attendees to find what they need

2. Exhibitor Listings

Exhibitor listing with filtering enabled

Attendees often look forward to the products that exhibitors offer. With an app, attendees have the ability to view all exhibitor profiles. Furthermore, they can search and filter for the ones that are relevant to them. Once an attendee finds an exhibitor that she would like to visit, she can simply “favorite” the exhibitor and have the exhibitor bookmarked for the future.

3. Navigation

Interactive Map

Often times attendees have trouble finding important locations. A mobile app allows you to mitigate this issue by integrating software such as Google maps. On the map you can mark where important event locations are, which attendees will then be able to navigate to.

Additionally, you can even use the map to mark other locations such as restaurants and bars to help attendees make the most of their leisure time.

Venue Floor Plan, Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

To help attendees find locations inside the venue, you can host floor plans of the venue inside the app. Each floor plan can have locations marked on it, allowing attendees to pull up the relevant information associated with it.

4. Social Media Integration

Twitter Feed, Instagram, Facebook

Integrating social media with your app helps attendees stay connected during the event. A way to do this would be to use our in-app Twitter feature. It is setup with your event’s specific hashtag, which means the feature can also be used as a news feed for your event.

You can also host other social media links inside of your app, such as your organization’s Facebook page or Instagram.

5. Push Notifications

Push Notification Portal

Keeping in touch with attendees can be difficult, especially during the event itself. However, with the use of our push notification system you can send messages directly to attendee’s phones. This is useful for reminding attendees about important upcoming events, notifying them of last minute agenda updates, and even sending promoted messages from your sponsors.

6. Feedback & Data Analytics

Data Analytics

It’s important to get feedback from your attendees so that you can improve the event for the following year. With an in-app survey, you no longer need to have attendees give responses through traditional paper forms. Additionally, you can see responses in real time through an online panel.

After each event, we provide you with statistics to showcase how well your app was received by your attendees. This is to help you answer important questions such as:

  1. What % of my attendees got the app?
  2. What was the most used feature?
  3. How much traffic did my sponsors receive in the app?

7. Sponsor Promotion

New ways to create value for your sponsors are made possible with the app. Since the app will be a very useful resource for event information, a large amount of your attendees will use it. This creates many opportunities for sponsors to promote themselves in the app by:

  1. Promoting their brand on the front page of the app
  2. Being listed in a dedicated sponsor’s feature
  3. Sending out promoted push notifications (mentioned above)

8. Custom Branding

Home Page, Navigation Drawer

Our apps are extremely customizable. Everything, from the coloration of the app to the images on the front page, can be tailored to fit your organization’s brand.

If you’re interested in working with Eventus, send an email to contact@eventus.io

For further reading on Eventus event apps, visit eventus.io



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