Everalbum, now with photos from Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iMessage, Amazon Drive and Flickr!

Today, we’re excited to announce our integrations with four more leading photo storage services, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iMessage, Amazon Drive and Yahoo! Flickr.

In less than a month since we launched Everalbum on Android, we’ve added over a million users on Android. We also continue to be the #1 grossing productivity app on iOS in over 80 countries and 17 languages. Today’s integration will also help you remove noise and organize every single memory you’ve captured in photos and share it with your friends and family. 
1. Photos, photos, everywhere and wherever!

Whether it’s some of the most interesting photos you’ve captured on Flickr, or that selfie you sent to your friend through Apple iMessage, now all these photos will be safely stored, backed up and organized for your discovery right after a one-click setup. These integrations, add to our earlier integrations whether it was your camera roll on iOS or Android, Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram or Dropbox, making Everalbum the one place for all your photos.

Photos have come a long way since physical photo albums, which helped us curate, share and rediscover our fondest memories. Today’s photos are easier to capture but increasingly fragmented across the different places we store them. More than 60% of our users have their photos split across multiple photo sources — from camera rolls to messages and photo storage apps — and that behavior is on the rise. Our goal is to help you bring all of your photos into Everalbum, wherever you store or share them, and help you explore the best moments over time.

2. More Photos, yet more Signal, less Noise
With more photos, comes more noise whether it’s those duplicate photos or screenshots, multiplied by the number of sources you’re pulling these photos from. We know that you’d rather spend time rediscovering that moment with a loved one than deleting duplicates. Starting today, you can opt-in to remove those duplicate photos, both retroactively and looking into the future, which should make it easier for you to focus on the only thing that truly matters — memories.

3. Smarter curation, Fonder memories
 The more photos you consistently gather, the more enjoyable will be your rediscovery of those amazing photos from all your albums. We already make sense of this enormous stream of photos by auto curating albums across all these multiple sources across time and geography. In addition, you’ll continue to experience a feed of some of the most memorable moments through immersive album #throwbacks and animated flipbooks. And it’s easier than ever to share these memories with family & friends and if you’re one of our paid premium subscribers, you even get to order unlimited prints.

We love hearing from you! We’d like to thank you for the thousands of reviews and five star ratings shared both on the App Store and the Play Store. Please continue to share your feedback with us on Twitter
 Thank You!

Check it out and send us your feedback. Today’s an important day for us and we’re excited to hear your thoughts!

Andrew Dudum, is the co-founder of Everalbum. Andrew, cofounded Everalbum in 2013 with the goal of helping the world catalogue and relive their life’s memories. Prior to Everalbum, Andrew led product at TokBox.com, a web-based communication platform acquired by the global telecommunications company Telefonica ($TEF) in 2012. Andrew is a native San Franciscan and graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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