Setting Up Your Counterwallet

Creating Your CounterWallet

Go to and click ‘Create New Wallet’ to get started.

A passphrase will be generated for you — write it down and keep it safe! After, check the box at the bottom beside ‘I have written down or otherwise securely stored my passphrase.’ Click ‘continue’.

You can type out the 12-word passphrase each time you log in.

OR, you can use a quick access URL which will allow you to log into your Counterwallet with a password. Click ‘Create a Quick Access URL’ to do this.

You’re good to go!

Logging into your Counterwallet

Let’s try logging in. Type in your 12-word passphrase OR open your Quick Access URL and type in your password.

Click ‘Open Wallet’.

This is what your Counterwallet will look like.

You’ll find your Counterwallet address on the right side of the page.

Copy this down as you will need this later!

You’ve created your Counterwallet! Click here to learn how to start folding!