Introducing our good friend A.I.D.A

We’re kind of old school at Evergreen. Sure, the world has changed a lot over the past century or so but we believe the principles of great marketing are much the same as they always were. It’s just a case of adapting them to this brave new (digital) world.

For us it all starts way back at the end of the 19th century when advertisers started to formalize the principles of creating effective sales funnels.

The first requisite was attracting attention, followed by ensuring you courted interest and desire before your target audience would take the preferred action.

By the 1920s this idea was given the name we know it by today, A.I.D.A standing for Attention — Interest — Desire — Action.

We reckon A.I.D.A. is still at the heart of what makes memorable and effective marketing and it keeps us rooted in what we are trying to achieve for any client.


Old truth: You’ve got to give attention the attention it deserves. It might seem obvious but the more people who know about your business, the more business you’ll be doing.

New twist: The clamor for attention today is louder than it has ever been, so how can you make sure you are getting the right attention from the right people?

We split our attention seeking behaviour into 5 channels. The first is the most traditional, ‘paid’, which means anything you invest money into to get guaranteed attention.

The guys who first developed the idea of A.I.D.A would have been operating in this channel, creating and distributing paid advertisements to sell products and services. Of course paid advertising has moved so far beyond billboards and newspapers that we probably need a bit more time to discuss it.

I’ve discovered an almost watertight way to use paid advertising to reach your marketing goals, but you will have to wait to hear more about that.

Interest & Desire

Old truth: If it isn’t interesting or desirable, you aren’t going to have my attention for very long.

New twist: What are you offering and how are you offering it? Probably in a different way to the traders of the 19th century. I’m assuming you have a website? This is where you need to be building interest and standing out from the crowd.

Exactly how to best go about that is a whole other story. One important prerequisite is setting up and getting to grips with your Google Analytics. I have actually chosen this very topic for my first video guide, which you can get access to for free by subscribing to our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage.


Taking A.I.D.A through the twists and turns of the contemporary world should land you right in the place you want to be, with your customers taking the action you want them to.

If this isn’t happening, something somewhere in the process isn’t going right and you are probably in need of a good digital detective to help you work out why.

Maybe we can help. In ‘The Marketing Not Magic Show’ I am going to be talking you through the channels you need to master to get the attention you deserve, how to foster interest with a killer website and ways to build and measure the desire that will keep your customers coming back for more.

It’s age old, simple stuff re-imagined for the here and now but I promise, it’s going to make all the difference.

You can check out my first video here, and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest episodes.

Filip Matous