Announcing Our Plans for 2019

Dec 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Since day one, our goal has been to make a platform accessible to everyone. [Our aim is to] set a new precedent for how decentralized applications, or dapps, can bring blockchain technology beyond the sphere of blockchain enthusiasts and to the masses. -Theodor Forselius (CEO of Everipedia)

2019 is just a few short weeks away, and there has been a lot of discussion about the scalability and the interoperability of blockchain-based applications.

That is exactly what our focus is going to be for next year.

This post breaks down our company goals into three main points:

1. Improving UX/UI design

Problem: User interface is difficult to use for non-crypto users (getting an EOS account, signing up with Scatter, etc.).

Related Goal: Increase Scalability
We are going to target regular internet consumers, particurly editors of traditional online knowledge bases (Wikipedia, Wikia, IMDb, etc.)

Solution: We have hired a UX team that is going to completely revamp Everipedia’s front end. Our aim is to provide resources upfront for people who have limited information about how the platform/blockchain works.

(We are aiming to launch the new design in April 2019.)

2. Globalization (Language/Expansion)

Problem: There is very little access to information on Everipedia for non-English speakers

Related Goal: Increase language support

Solution: Our tech team is working on building tools and underdoing major upgrades to improve Everipedia for non-English speakers.

In the last month, we have successfully imported all of the Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish Wikipedia content. Furthermore, in an effort to help people navigate to pages in different languages, we are also building a drop-down language menu for each page that will cross-link pages on the same subject.

3. Creating New dApps

Problem: Not everyone edits on platforms in an encyclopedic format

Related Goal: Expanding the IQ Network beyond the blockchain encyclopedia

Solution: We are very excited to announce our plans to develop new dApps in the IQ ecosystem. These dApps include…
- Prediction market
-Oracle service (finding/verifying real-world information and submitting it to a blockchain)
-On-chain facts (a repository for facts)
-Q&A (a decentralized Quora)

The apps aim to provide additional value to the IQ token and the ecosystem as a whole.

Contrary to most projects in the blockchain space laying off staff due to market conditions, Everipedia is increasing their team size in Santa Monica, Stockholm, China and Korea. This expansion includes a sizeable addition to the developer team, with three new full-stack developers and two new front-end developers.

In addition, we will have a general overview of the 2019 roadmap by the end of this year. It will be similar to the one on our GitHub for this year.

*Read more about these points in our press release (published earlier today), along with some quotes by three of our executives.

**Stay updated by connecting with Everipedia on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Reddit.

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