Everipedia Now Providing Free CPU for Everyone!

Nov 7 · 2 min read

The Everipedia team will now stake EOS to pay for all transactions across any IQ-related dapps! This means that you will continue to be able to edit & vote on Everipedia, even when the network is congested, as it has been over the last few weeks.

We are working hard to ensure that our editors have a seamless experience adding knowledge to the Everipedia Network and they shouldn’t have to worry about the resource costs of the EOS network. All resources will now be automatically provided to our editors for free with no additional steps or changes to the editor experience!

If you have participated in the EOS Network within the last month, you have probably experienced the mainnet CPU issues. You may have also heard that REX, the EOS Network’s resource exchange market that allows for the risk-free leasing of network resources (CPU & Network), recently ran out of resources.

We believe that dapps ‘paying’ for resources is a natural evolution of the EOS chain and represents a major advantage over competing networks like Ethereum, where Cryptokitties was able to render the entire ecosystem useless. With EOS, dapps are now able to pay for all of the resource costs of their users by staking (without spending) EOS tokens for access to network resources. Everipedia is proud to be one of the dapps leading the charge in helping the blockchain ecosystem embrace a better user experience.

*For Everipedia editors who login with ORE ID, we will also have a similar solution for you soon!

Try editing on Everipedia!

Login to Everipedia.org right now with Scatter, EOS Lynx, or any of our social logins (courtesy of AIKON) and add your knowledge to the world’s most universal knowledge base.

Telegram: https://t.me/everipedia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/everipedia

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Everipedia


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Our vision is to build a universal knowledge base for everything, everyone, everywhere. Read more at: http://everipedia.org/about

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