Everipedia welcomes Daniel Liebeskind as new Chief Product Officer

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Today we are happy to announce that Daniel Liebeskind is officially joining Everipedia as Chief Product Officer. Daniel is an experienced product-oriented software engineer with a background in investment banking and venture capital.

Daniel joins Everipedia from Decrypt[ed], a blockchain product experience consultancy where he has been building distributed apps on both the Ethereum and EOS blockchains for several years. Prior to getting involved in blockchain, he was the cofounder of BODY, a fitness platform that received funding from YCombinator for fitness instructors to create a virtual studio and teach multi-way video classes.

Before his career in the technology sector, Daniel was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Investment Bank. He later joined Summit Partners where he focused on healthcare technology investments.

“I’m excited to help build Everipedia into one of the most compelling blockchain applications and celebrated destinations across the entire internet. We are creating a modern and evolving knowledge ecosystem for collecting and expressing information in an inclusive and social experience,” said Liebskind.

As Chief Product Officer, Daniel will be leading the development of the Everipedia platform towards our goal of creating a modernized encyclopedia experience and the world’s largest knowledge base. With his unique experience in consumer applications, blockchain technology and venture capital — we are confident in his ability to help take Everipedia.org to the next level.

“I am incredibly excited to have Daniel on board as our new Chief Product Officer. Daniel is one of the best front-end developers in the blockchain space with an unparalleled eye for design and user functionality,” said Everipedia CEO and co-founder Theodor Forselius. “Daniel doesn’t just have the ability to put himself in the end-user’s shoes when building applications, but also has extensive experience in building out sustainable growth and monetization strategies thanks to his background in finance and venture capital.”

To learn more about Daniel, check out his wiki on Everipedia below: https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/daniel-liebeskind-1

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