If You Have IQ, Mark February 1st on Your Calendars (Here’s Why)

Jan 20 · 5 min read

If you have read Everipedia’s whitepaper, you are probably familiar with our three-module system:

  1. The Token module (which is responsible for holding IQ token balances and transaction functions)
  2. The Article module (which is responsible for edit proposals and article storage)
  3. The Governance module (which is responsible for changing network-wide rules)

Up until this point, the governance module has not been of use for IQ token holders, as no one has had the opportunity to vote for (or against) any proposed software updates in our code…

…until now!

Our Announcement: On Feb 1, Everipedia is Having its First Referendum!

We have received a lot of feedback from our community over the last several months about what changes they think should be made in our system.

After hearing everything that has been said, Everipedia’s developers are proposing to push some changes in our software.

(We’re calling it the “Everipedia 2.0 smart contract.”)

Given that we are a decentralized, self-governed platform, our aim has always been to give you an opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process. With these proposed changes, you can now vote on whether these changes go through.

You will be able to vote anytime between February 1 and February 21, 2019.

What Are the Changes in the Everipedia 2.0 Smart Contract?

We will have a list finalized, published, and pinned in our Telegram channel. However, here are the changes you can expect in bullet-point form:


  • Extending the voting period from 6 hours to 12 hours: You will be able to submit a vote for a proposed edit for a longer period of time.
  • Comments on edits: You will be able to summarize what your edit proposal is, which will allow IQ token holders to make a more informed decision before they vote.
  • Removing the concept of BrainPower on the front-end: This will auto-generate proposals and votes with the IQ tokens people have in their EOS accounts. (Scroll down to the end of this post for more information on this.)


  • Removing grandparent hashes from proposals: They were already a temporary measure intended to be removed for a later date.)
  • Removing a couple fields labeled “deleteme” in the contracts: These fields had to be left in there for data consistency in the tables. Transitioning to new tables will allow us to remove these.
  • Adding logging for rewards generated by editing vs. voting
  • Changing the data structure of the wikis table from a git-like tree to a key-value store: This will simplify updates and make it easy to track version histories through the block logs. Each article will have a unique ID that serves as its key. In addition, the wiki table will now store a title, group ID (for a group of articles in a different language), language code, and the current IPFS hash of the article.
  • Applying slashes directly to the stake generated from a vote (as opposed to iterating through a user’s stakes and slashing from the first stake down)

You will not be able to vote on these changes, but we wanted to let you (as IQ token holders) know in advance that you can now directly take part in whether these changes go through.

More Updates

Tech Update: Our Search API Is Available

There has been a lot of discussion about Everipedia’s search engine and how it will improve over time. Having said that, we are happy to announce that we have officially built (and launched) our very own search API.

What does this mean? Developers can receive IQ tokens by creating helpful tools that can automatically update Everipedia pages. Furthermore, this will be beneficial for everyone as more developers can utilize the search API and improve Everipedia’s database as a whole.

Everipedia’s current site search function uses elasticsearch, which takes data into account. We are gradually making steps to make it easier for both Everipedia editors and readers to find the information they are looking for.

For non-technical people, this gives a general overview of what elasticsearch is:


Notes for developers/techies:

  • At the moment, the search API only takes article titles and ‘infobox items’ (the structured data found on the right side of Everipedia pages) into account.
  • When entering a title, the output will generate both the article URL and the article hash.
  • We have plans to incorporate the full-body text of articles in the future.

Language Update: We’ve Imported Wikipedia Svenska and Français!

We have steadily adding more language imports to provide a more complete and global knowledge base.

Earlier this week, we imported all Wikipedia pages in Swedish and French. (This gives us a total of 11 languages we have imported from Wikipedia so far.)

Next on our agenda: German

A Quick Note on BrainPower

Disclaimer: This is only relevant if you are…

  1. An Everipedia editor
  2. Logging in with Scatter to make contributions

A few people have expressed some concerns about BrainPower on some of our social channels (Reddit and Telegram). In order to prevent confusion, we wanted to clarify a few things.

Right now, BrainPower is the non-fungible token used to make contributions to Everipedia.org. If you use Scatter, you need to manually stake IQ tokens into BrainPower in order to make contributions.

The change in question will not “remove” brainpower, it will simply automate the entire staking process across the site. You will simply be submitting the IQ from your EOS account and our system will handle the rest.

Rest assured, if and when the new contract is deployed, you will not lose your IQ tokens. However, unused BrainPower will be retired upon deployment of the new contract.

TL;DR: All BrainPower will be directly linked to your IQ when we update the new smart contract.

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