Mobile Editing & Voting Live! Everipedia Product Updates — October, 2019

During September, we enabled editing and voting from mobile devices, added lots of new collaboration & chat functionality, launched notifications 2.0 and improved our wiki content. Below is a list of some of the exciting new features and functionality launched in the last month.

Launched Mobile Editing and Voting

More than half of all web traffic globally is mobile, and in many developing countries smartphones are the only way for people to access the Internet. However, editing of traditional encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, happens almost exclusively on desktop. To bridge the gap between potential editors and the rapid growth of mobile usage, Everipedia is building a mobile-first editing experience that makes creating wiki articles as easy as posting an Instagram photo. This month, we took the first major step in this direction by enabling login, editing and voting from your mobile device. To start off, you will be able to edit Everipedia using the following login methods:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Kakao
  • Line
  • Lynx Wallet

We plan to add more mobile login options very soon.

Enhanced Chat to include Mentions & Advanced Notifications

Chat is now much more powerful and engaging. We’ve added a Notifications tab, which will display chat notifications and system notifications (successful edits, voting results, etc).

You can now @mention users in a message to send them a notification. This makes it easy to grab another account’s attention and more easily collaborate on articles. Any account you @mention will receive a notification in the new Notifications tab.

Replying to someone’s message now triggers sending them a notification. It is easy to check out all of your mentions and replies through the navigation menu located in the header. From here, you can easily navigate to relevant chats and stay engaged with other editors. You can now click on a reply and the chat window will scroll to the original message.

You can now add and remove wiki-specific chats to/from Your Chats. You will be able to see whenever there are unread messages in any wiki chat included in Your Chats. Anytime you send a message in a wiki chat, that wiki chat will be added to Your Chats automatically. But you can remove and add chats anytime you want.

You can now see whether an account is online or not by hovering over the account name in Chat. This makes it easier to engage with other editors real-time.

Chat Emojis

Have you been wanting to add smiley faces and thumbs ups to your chats? Now you can with our brand new emoji pack featuring a comprehensive selection of emojis.

Editor Walkthrough

Given the power of the editor, editing on Everipedia can have a slight learning curve. This month, we launched a walkthrough of the editor that will bring users through the process of creating an article from scratch.

Whitelisted Vote Signing for Social Accounts

We just made it much easier and faster to vote on edits via your account. If you logged in using a social option like Facebook or Twitter, you can click ‘whitelist’ when you next vote to automatically sign all voting transactions over the next 30 days.

Wiki Real-time Sync Improvements

We’ve built a sophisticated parser that updates all imported Wikipedia articles real-time and ensures Everipedia will remain the most comprehensive and useful encyclopedia in the world.

Our vision is to build a universal knowledge base for everything, everyone, everywhere. Read more at:

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