A Modern History: Neckties

Neckties were introduced to the world by French King Louis XIII after he was inspired by the Croatian mercenaries he hired. They wore bright colored cloth around their necks to hold up their uniforms. The king made these ties a mandatory accessory at all royal gatherings from then on. He coined the name,“La Cravate” after it’s Croatian heritage.

The accessory evolved; Cravats, Bowties and Ascots. In the 1920's Ties that look closer to what is popular today began to spring up. Jesse Langsdorf who pioneered the construction of this style, allowed for different types of knots to be worn. Although they have similar attributes, there have been style changes over the past century. From skinny to extra wide, Tie’s in knit, leather, and silk give each and every person a chance to excite and enhance. Some styles have reappeared while others have thankfully been put to rest.

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