Children’s Fashion: A Coming of Age Tale

The Rise of the Childrenswear Market

The continuous infiltration of fashion, into children’s clothing, shows no sign of slowing as the global children’s market racked up sales in excess of $186 Billion in 2014. This is a market that is forecasting to reach $291.5 billion by the end of 2018, according to the Global Industry Almanac. And while kid’s clothing only accounts for 12 percent of the overall apparel market; in the last six years, growth in childrenswear has outpaced both menswear and womenswear.

Demographic shifts are a major driver of this growth. In 2014, the birth rate in the United States began to rise again, after dropping every year since 2007. Parents in the United States are also having children later in life, when they have more disposable income to spend more on bigger wardrobes for their children, or trade up their purchases to higher-end brands. At Everlasting Wardrobe, we’re committed to providing quality, individually styled clothes at an affordable price. Let us do the legwork for you!

One of the increasing trends that we’re noticing, is how children’s clothing may imitate adult clothing. As many parents’ desire for their children to be “on-trend” has increased, their consumption habits have shifted towards more frequent purchasing. “At a very young age, children begin to search for their identities, which is often expressed in clothing,” Kim Anderson of Catimini said. “They want to establish their personality while still fitting-in and frequently look to celebrities for clues on what is fashionable or trendy.” The luxury end of the childrenswear market is growing at a faster rate than ever as parents are having children further along in their careers and have more money to spend. Luxury brands, like Givenchy, have recently launched their own children’s line; everything from formal wear to athleisure can be seen on parents and their children alike. By subscribing and partnering with Everlasting Wardrobe, you have a variety of ever changing and evolving options to choose from when dressing your child to find his or her sense of fashion!

An invaluable tool, that has recently been a revelation, is how E-Commerce is helping shape the childrenswear market. More and more, designers are creating their own brand and styles for the consumer to choose from, and you can access them with the click of a button. This includes parents that see a hole in the market for their and other parents’ needs. Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard, who started their apparel line Primary, because “We’re two moms who had been shopping for kids clothes for over 12 years but still didn’t have a go-to for awesome basics at reasonable prices.”

At Everlasting Wardrobe, we’re constantly looking for new brands and to get your child the perfect outfit… straight to your door. Our model works well for parents who don’t have time to physically shop, but want to continuously discover new brands while allowing their child to develop their own sense of style. Using Everlasting Wardrobe is cost effective since your child will never grow out of our clothes! The childrenswear market is showing no signs of slowing and it’s an exciting time to be a parent! So many options are available to dress your children, everyday!