Everlasting Wardrobe Brand Genres

Volume 1

Music is a constant theme throughout the Everlasting Wardrobe offices and the founding team’s history. Our clothing-style genres are an homage to our musical passion. No one listens to just one type of music; we feel the same way about children’s self-expression. The entire library should be at their fingertips. Breaking down clothing types, in this manner, aids our algorithms and stylist teams in matching our extensive inventory with you and your child’s individual tastes. To further our members’ familiarity with each genre, we’ve gathered great examples of brands that exemplify some of the more dominant traits in each style. Welcome to Volume One!


Simple styles, colors, and prints that never go out of style. Perfect for your future Presidents and CEOs!

Petit Bateau

The ultimate classic, perfect for the backyard BBQ’s and all the other social events you have on your calendar!


For the everyday basics in every color of the rainbow, Primary has wardrobe foundations down.

Rachel Riley

A great mix of fresh styles and classic looks, Rachel Riley is a perfect representation of UK style.


For the Instagram generation, only the trendiest looks will do. Satisfy all with the these can’t miss styles!

Wolf & Rita

For the sophisticated fashionistas that prefer to dress to the 9’s, Wolf & Rita is perfect with their fashionable and unique designs.

Atsuyo et Akiko

From fun tutu Dresses to Unicorn Printed shirts, Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae have created lines perfect for every kid to live as a Princess or Carrie Bradshaw.


For the trendy, non-traditional and eccentric little ones, Appaman has a perfect fun alternative for any occasion.


These fun and funky brands are perfect for the kids with the fun, loud and wild style.


For the expressionist, a child will definitely be an “Individual” with all these vibrant colors and eccentric prints.

The Mini Classy

Famous for their “Dino” harem pants, The Mini Classy is perfect for any prehistoric crawlers and tumblers.

Rags to Raches

Rags and Raches is perfect for the kids full of sass and an endless amount of energy. They can run and tumble around in comfort with Rags to Raches infamous, colorful, and fun onesies.


Maybe your 70’s hippie lifestyle wasn’t just a phase. These eco-friendly and sustainable brands are perfect for the earth loving and crunchy child.

Agatha Cub

Cool clothes with cool prints… and it’s sustainable? What more could you ask for? I definitely want to be part of this club!

Nico Nico

Clothes from Nico Nico would be great hand-me-downs. Their clothes are timeless, classic, and made of quality sustainable fabrics.

Gray Label

For the simpler kids, Grey label is a master of minimalism and incorporates organic textiles and unisex designs.

HIP HOP-Streetwear

For all the cool kids (or shall we say parents), these brands are perfect for that effortless cool look that will have every person crushing on them.

Little Giants

Combining the unapologetic and in your face DIY ethos of the street wear lifestyle, with the rambunctious and energetic yet playful nature of children.


For the cool kid that likes simple but trendy pieces, Iris and Tali have created the perfect line for them.


Gender-neutral clothing isn’t just happening in high-adult fashion but it’s happening in childrenswear too!


By popular demand, Everlasting Wardrobe presents our nighttime fashion brands. The perfect ensemble to match that special blanket or stuffed animal that doesn’t leave their side.


Although they have clothing in a number of genres, we just had to highlight these comfy high-quality PJs!

Skyler Luna

An award-winning mix of feel-good fabric and California-inspired style, Skylar Luna is eco-friendly sleepwear for the trendsetters of tomorrow.


Featuring original hand-drawn prints, Hatley designs are colorful, whimsical, and celebrate the connection between fun and fashion.