Too week, first one, experience at all.

After my first week at the office, well, isn’t too bad, I knew about what is this kind of job in self, in my professional service I was in a government service, actually it has not distance from my right now job, just now I am over the dark side of the law, where I should discover the Bad Engineering Practices or law regulations trespass as the bran new inspector as I am, and the older one experience was about invite as many enterprises I can to evade the inspector, adding to the PNAA not matters what it means.

I think/believe the charge Industrial Inspector sounds very huge, yhea it has also an “of environment” in some part of the title, that is not the case as it.

I continue reading laws, and learning how to do all here (about my charge, and a little bit of the others as well) I am better with myself, never abandoned my dream about save the world one equation at time, or do glamorous engineer job with a lot of problems to solve and new products to develop, clients for sell the ideas but until I’ll find the company that steals my heart And seize my mind.


Now I stay away the office with the boss and colleagues doing the thing should do an industrial inspector, I am starting my training, close to the end of the working day the boss invite us a coke, it’s so gentle, without the aspect that… I do not drink soda since 8 years ago, but in this case I shall do, to be “part of the group” that remember me a Chinese friend, I can’t write his name but the young Bao told me, he hate be an engineer cause his religion forbids the alcohol, the naked women as joy expression and more lust stuff, he said the best deals in the business world, internal or external, frequently are made in the trenches of an establishment of vice and sin, he hate that and be worry about if the boss invite the work group to drink or something of that nature.

Also I don’t use alcohol, soda, smoke, drugs, bars, night clubs or nothing, I like to keep in my world with martial arts, videogames, languages, design, music and leaning…

What about this world with selfish people that is boring of his own life, trapped in a loop of cirque and hassle, blind over beyond the simple purpose about stay alive until the last goodbye.

All people are like this? What means the life after school? Now I feel the life light, soft and lineal, maybe there are mountains and challengers but they are hide away or they are than big near to all that nobody distinguishes the reach top.

For now I keep learning about the new insipid phase of my life, trying to reach more.

::: HOPE I’LL CAN :::