Going with the flow is probably one of the most difficult things to do. With the flow comes trusting your instincts, the gut, that weird feeling in the back of your soul that tells you this is the right thing to do as your mind whispers the ridiculousness of going off the beaten path.

There’s nothing more annoying then being told NO by your own mind. It’ll try to keep you safe and comfortable because we’re wired to stay alive and survive. Not to take risks and go for gold.

Trusting your own abilities is the only way to get ahead and with that comes risks. Know you have to take them and challenge yourself to do so. Only then can we truly be free.

That voice in the back of your mind saying easier said then done Everrett. You can say this sh*t all you want but the truth is when push comes to shove I’ll just run in the other direction. Maybe not, maybe this time you’ll take a leap of faith and dive off that cliff and trust that your wings will take you to new heights. Heights you never dreamed of…

Maybe… just maybe if I take that leap, Trust that gut feeling, and challenge myself to do better that something will flow into my life and show me that it’s possible.

We won’t know until we try.


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  • Jim Rohn
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