Working in the restaurant industry I can imagine what the day to day life is.
Kimberly Gutierrez

Indeed, it can be challenging ;)

The family legacy sometimes might feel like a strong covering web of choking energies, opinions and behaviour that continuously penetrates right through your business and personal path.

It is tempting to let that external web negatively affect your thoughts, emotions and your short- and longterm goals. If you do so, however, a strong family dominated business will get you in a frontal emotional crash with a family member ten times a day. And this will of course only slow down the growth of you and your business. And obviously also affect the daily contact between you and your guests.

While in the end, that web is nothing but your own perception. And as it is mere perception, it is in your own mind that you can turn this web into a warm and loving blanket. Something to embrace instead of pulling it away.

Over the years I found that being the 6th generation doesn’t mean proving yourself to the previous five generations and the entire 5th and 6th generation family and entourage. It doesn’t mean trying to become the smartest and succesful generation at all cost. It doesn’t mean claiming the throne and taking credit for your success.

Instead, it means proudly and lovingly carrying on a torch, honoring the vision, courage and belief of your ancestors and keeping the family spirit alive through your business. And it means craving these thoughts in your heart and mind on a daily basis.

This should always be the starting point.

Of every day.

And yes, that does the trick of enlightening my path ;)

…most of the time.

Because of course, there are just some of those days.

So here’s some practical enlightening tricks I also use every morning:

  • Leave my bedroom like it was a hotel room every morning
  • Do a short workout of 10 min
  • Do yoga for 20–30 min
  • Take an ice cold shower of 3–4 min
  • Play a 10 min. guided meditation podcast
  • Work on a hobby/skill for 30 min
  • Write a daily journal for 5 min

I gradually started this routine since October last year. Believe me, it helps.

Clarity, positive thoughts and habits start falling onto you like rain.

And off-days won’t last longer than 10 minutes anymore.

An enlightened path guarantee!

Now for me, it is not leaving everything at the door.

It is bringing all that is me inside the door.

Including focus.

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