“You can’t tell anyone about this. I’m married. I’m established at this company. It would ruin both of our lives.”
Why I’m not surprised when I hear that powerful men are fucking creeps
Eden Rohatensky

Everyone has the capability of doing great evil or great good, regardless of their station in lives.

It’s a great tragedy whenever anyone is assaulted or harmed. Many people do abuse their power, and they should be brought to justice. There is no excuse for bad behavior.

I’m a survivor of physical abuse as a child. That abuse was papered over by a powerful organization.

Each work environment has a culture, but each person chooses whether or not to follow that culture or create one of their own.

Perhaps the only issue I would have would be with the outlook of which people are more likely to engage in poor behavior.

Power can corrupt, but I also believe counter to the prevailing opinion that success is created through trust and principles of integrity that carryover into the business sector.

Often, when people screw up big, it’s because they’ve strayed from those principles that got them there in the first place.

In governments and large corporations, including media empires, bureaucracy can enable a culture that protects leaders. It’s the leaders job to delegate authority and support from people who will not be an echo chamber but will provide honest opinions. They must create systems that “trust but verify.” Otherwise, the vision of the organization gets corrupted and so to do its leaders.

When trust is broken, the organization loses its soul. My heart goes out to any victim, and they should not be afraid to speak up or intimidated by those in authority from speaking up.

The best way to avoid that is for organizations to be mindful of the culture they establish, insist on behavior that is in keeping with their values, and associate themselves with people who have strong character.

Institutions should also have people in positions that verify all aspects of the organization with respect to those values, people with independent authority who cannot be silenced when they find faults in the system.