1000 words a day became my system.
How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed my Life
Srinivas Rao

It’s all about systems. A routine, which is nothing more than a series of habits, is a system for life.

Writing 1,000 words per day is a great routine for any writer. I’ve developed a routine of my own that includes writing a daily dream journal, goals journal, and then some other form of fiction or non fiction. I don’t have a word count requirement, just an action requirement.

Creating a good environment is helpful. The best way I’ve found to do that is by setting aside all other distractions, use a timer, and keep track of the word count in a daily journal.

Keeping a notebook for ideas that come to mind is also very useful. I have a Google Docs app on my phone when I need to take quick notes. A physical notebook can be helpful, but I always have my phone with me.

Allowing yourself to write badly is also excellent advice. If you get stuck, write random words. If that doesn’t work, use a random word generator to start the sentence. A dream journal and a goals journal doesn’t require any creativity, so getting that started, helps you get in the flow. I’ve also found you can use what you wrote in the dream journal to start works of fiction.

The main point is to develop a habit of writing daily. For some, other strategies will work, but if you’ve had trouble writing, write daily.