[7:23am, Tuesday morning, Kitchen. Doc McStuffins is playing too loud in the background. The kitchen sink is overflowing with clean plates, drying. The counter is somewhat clean, with the exception of plain Cherrios, milk, and smashed bananas on the far end of the counter, all items running down the side the cabinets, and the floor. A mini-goldendoodle named Winnie Cooper is licking the milk of the floor.]

Eliza, it’s time to get ready for school. We need to put on your sandals…shoes, we need to put on your shoes.

No, I know I said sandals, but I meant shoes. It’s cold outside and you need shoes. Where are your shoes?

No, those are your sandals, we can’t wear those.

Yes, you wear sandals to the beach. But, we aren’t at the beach. It’s cold out and we need your shoes.

Yes, the beach has the boats. But you are going to school to see your friends.

Yes friends.

Yes friends.

ELIZA, yes, we are going to school and you are going to see your friends. No, you can’t wear sandals. Now where are your shoes?

Leave Winnie alone. Eliza. Eliza. ELIZA. LEAVE Winnie alone and do not kick her. That is not nice.

No, we aren’t wearing boots. Those are winter boots. Those are for snow.

Ok, these are your shoes. I guess we aren’t wearing socks because I can’t find any. Yes, it’s fine without out socks.

Eliza, we are not wearing sandals today. Stop with the sandals.

Yes, you can have pigtails.

When you get to school.

You can have pigtails when you get to school. When you see your friends.

Yes friends. Yes school.

Ok, give me your foot. No, other one. Ok, fine, that one.

Yes, it tickles. Tickles are funny.

No, no pouch. You already ate breakfast.

Eliza, you already ate. No pouch.

No crackers either.

Stop growling at me.

Yes, you can have milk.

I’ll pour it.

I need to pour it.

OK, yes, you can help pour it.

No, you need the bottle.

ELIZA, if you want milk, you need to use this bottle.

No growling. That is mean.

Ok, let’s get in the car.

No, we are not bringing your sandals. ELIZA, we do not need your sandals or boots you just need your shoes.

Your shoes are ouchie?

Which one?

Both of them? Ok, let’s try this again.


Ok, let’s get in the car.

Yes, I will get your blanky.

No, Daddy’s car.

Mommy’s at work.

Yes, Daddy’s car.

ELIZA, we are getting in Daddy’s car.

Ok, let me buckle you in. Yes, I will get your passy.

No, no movie.

No movie.

Movie is broken.

It’s OK, I’ll get your passy, and book, and blanky.

Ok, ready to go, let’s go.

[Arrives at daycare, Dad walks around to open the door. Eliza is covering her eyes with her hands.]


I guess she won’t get to play with her friends today.

How could I have left her at home? Oh no, I am going to miss her! I guess she will just sit home alone all day. I’ll have to go back and get her. How did I forget her aga — -


Ok, let’s go into school.

No, this way.

This way.

STOP. NO. DO NOT GO NEAR THE ROAD. Come on, this way.

Ok, get some crackers. But give them to me and I will give them to you later.

Don’t crush them.

Ok, well give them to me anyways.

Ok, this way.


Ok, go in and say in.

Go in.

Eliza, please go in the door people are coming.

Say hi to teacher.


It’s pretend beach day?

You sent a note home to bring a bathing suit? And sandals?

Daddy will be right back.

No you have to stay here.

Yes friends.


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