Libraries are inviting spaces where everyone is welcome.

Learn about how the IMLS hopes to aid libraries and museums in impacting the lives of individuals.

Institute of Museum and Library Sciences

From teen-related programming and clubs to small groups settings that create a safe space for students to go after school, public libraries are welcoming teens back.

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After a long year of uncertainty and unpleasant news, we could all benefit from some good stories!

Read Away the Fines

The best investment in literacy services is a properly funded library

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Mental health and wellness is a big and complex topic, but libraries are taking the right steps in bettering the community

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Buildings with interesting past lives sometimes make the most wonderful libraries

BTR-Architects Eden Prairie Library

The Sussex County Public Library is making it easy to bring vaccinations to Delaware

From technology to teaching about how to use tech, libraries foster equity of access for everyone - regardless of their own means

How the team at Libraries Without Borders helps local libraries bring literacy, learning, and the internet to folks through laundromats

by Libraries Without Borders —

Wash and Learn

Libraries Without Borders


EveryLibrary fights for library funding. Any library budget anywhere should matter to every library everywhere. We are in this together.

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