How the team at Libraries Without Borders helps local libraries bring literacy, learning, and the internet to folks through laundromats

by Libraries Without Borders —

Wash and Learn

Libraries Without Borders

Genealogy research can be an exciting but also frustrating process. Knowing that the librarians and archivists want you to succeed. Here’s how.

Unions' collective voice can bring about positive change for the people who staff our nation’s public, academic, and school libraries.

Inspiring ways that librarians lower barriers and creating inclusive spaces

tldr: Talk with your librarians. They have all the good stuff.

Public libraries bring different communities together - and that’s the same for indie authors and their readers

For some people learning a new language, the kitchen is a non-threatening, comfortable place to approach learning.

Photo - courtesy the Free Library of Philadelphia 2021

It’s not just healthy eating — it’s test kitchens and cookbook collections that build self-confidence and confidence

A revolutionary new study shows that when it comes to a student’s reading, there is no question that school libraries — and their librarians — play the most critical role in helping them succeed

From offering health tips and classes, creating useful programs with local and national organizations, and being the go-to spot for learning, libraries are always ready to help patrons with their health-related needs

Libraries Connect the Community


EveryLibrary fights for library funding. Any library budget anywhere should matter to every library everywhere. We are in this together.

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