Writing is Beginning

A 3rd grader sat in from recess and her job was to learn how to spell the word “beginning” out loud. She got it wrong on her spelling test and Sister Mary thought the best way to cure the student’s spelling mistake was a with ruler to her hands and punching the desk in front of her.

(with a shaking voice). b….e…g…i…n…n…i…n…g

“AGAIN!!! You spelled it wrong you dummy!!!”

It wasn’t until about an hour into the screaming session that Sister Mary realized I was spelling the word correctly. Little and defeated, it would forever paralyze me from ever wanting to write or even read!

Entering a private college with a 6th grade reading level was fun times too! I was allowed to go to college because I was part of a program for minority students. I was pretty much a C-D student all through high school and their mission was to transform us into graduates, no matter what grades were in our transcripts. BTW: Graduated graduate school with a 3.9. Can you guess what type of class kept me from receiving a 4.0?

Freshman year of college a special reading and writing class was made for students like me. I learned all the rules of too, to, their, they’re, you, you’re. You know [the rules I’m talking about. The ones that if you fuck up, social media will rip you a new one.

I grew to love reading. But writing was a monster that scared me.

After starting my blog on Everyday Lifters I realized how important writing would be for my business. I often make mistakes in my posts, and my sentence structure and grammar would probably make Sister Mary snap a crucifix in half.

Although these days blogging seems to be getting replaced by vlogging. However, the Everyday Lifter’s blog has helped people find me. A quick Google search and BAM, the blog comes up.

But I wanted to give it up all together. So, then I decided to take on MEDIUM. ha! Figure practice makes… me practice. I’m not looking for perfection.

At soon to be 38, I am learning how to write because I need it for my EDL’s blog. Really trying to keep my readers and engage them. We will see how it goes. Stay tuned!

After that day with Sister Mary, I became obsessed with penmanship and fonts. I figured if my writing looked really neat, she would leave me alone.

Not my best work, it’s terrible calligraphy. But happy to see the word was almost straight. It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve done this and normally there are spacers, rulers and a slanted table involved. I became obsessed with fonts after learning I couldn’t, but really could spell the word “Beginning.”

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