Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day I was away for a trip. The first part of the trip was for the work I do and the second to take in what Germany has to offer. Often new experiences and stepping away from New York has helped me grow as a photographer.

Mother’s Day was always a strange day because my children’s bday would land on or near Mother’s Day. It was alway felt like a day of being proud of my children, not necessarily of hey, I’m a mom and this is MY day. It always felt like a combined celebration of wow, these are my children and they are AMAZING!

Just a few folks gently reminded me that I would be away for my children’s bday AND Mother’s Day.

“I booked the trip, I knew I would be away.”

“Do you miss them?”

“I miss my kids when they are in school. Of course!”

So why did I go? Because I am a confident mother. Not to sound like my sh*t don’t stink. But no one could ever challenge what my heart feels for my children.

Happy Mother’s Day to me and my children.