Body Weight Training is one of the most powerful assets in the Yoga for Athletes Series.

Body Weight Exercise:

Use only bodyweight for resistance.

  • Numerous joints and muscles engage on its movement.
  • Provides complete stimulus of the musculature.
  • Enhances body control.

Bodyweight training provides a phenomenal feedback to your body and brain and leads you to high level performance as you:

  • Rise your neuromuscular activation.
  • Synthesise and lay down more muscle tissue.
  • Gain faster stretch-shortening cycle of muscles.
  • Alternate effectively from one exercise to another.
  • Enhance coordination between muscles.
  • Increase your strength and power.
  • Increase your bone mass.
  • Boost your efficiency in strength, endurance, flexibility, jumping and sprinting.

Body weight training is an extremely effective strength gain and performance improvement.

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