Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
War Is Boring

Meanwhile the Clintons use the IRS as their personal attack dogs. They call in favors to avoid being charged with crimes. They launch wars without congressional authority. They take money for political favor and ignore actual charges of sexual abuse as if it’s just a conspiracy theory. They manipulate the electoral system and pay the media to sing their praises while threatening anyone who opposes them.

Of course, that is not fascism… that’s how government is supposed to work. Laws for the poor, representation for the wealthy.

The most common trait of an authoritarian government is how popular it always seems to be when it’s coming in to power. No one objects because it is right and justified that they use whatever means to get there, and anything seen as wrong is just haters overreacting.

Then they do something overtly bad and of course it’s too late now So you are supposed to accept their rule as legitimate forever.

We are electing the wife of a former president despite dozens of more qualified candidates having offered their services. War heroes, billionaires, statesmen and civil rights activists.

That doesn’t seem a scotch sketch?