The Sell Out
Jay W. Cobb

I am a strong economic conservative who lives in an intensely blue state and primarily listens to liberal media ( is a great and notable exception). Why you ask? Because conservative media has been pandering to the lowest common denominator for far too long: Conspiracy theories, moral culture wars, stoking foreign intervention, providing virtually nothing (and I mean nothing) to people of color, romancing the good ole days (50s) as if institutionalized racism & powerful labor unions have ever been good for a country.

I am the husband of an immigrant. When she first started to learn about politics she said: “I think I agree with the economic policies of the conservatives, but everything they say sounds very stupid & brash. Also, why are they so aggressive about defense spending? That doesn’t seem like a good way to shrink the government.” << That about sums it up.

If you pander to the lowest common denominator, they will show up and vote for you. This may have been a happy, limited re-targeting of the old southern, Democratic strongholds in the early 2000s. Now the lowest common denominator is the majority of Republican primary voters. People who don’t believe in free trade, small government, or deficit reduction are now the majority of the Republican party. The conservative media establishment will pander to them as it always has.

Pretty soon, taxing billionaires in order to get more money for law enforcement to abuse communities of color and carpet bomb INSERT_MIDDLE_EASTERN_NATION_HERE will be the standard line of the Grand Old Party. I will be happily awaiting my citizenship application in Canada, Singapore, or whatever country still believes in individual choice and the free market.

Drop your deadweight conservative media. I advocate an approach of listening to liberal media just to piss off your conservative friends and relatives. Worst case, you may learn something.