The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

Well. I applaud your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the American public are napping, as usual. I particularly am minded of the hypocrisy of the American Administration in admonishing Middle Eastern countries on the “joys” of Democracy. . . If it’s so damned great, why don’t we even have a smattering of it in these United States? The public has no say in who the candidates are, and little to no say in who gets elected. . . much less any say in the direction of the laws or government. . . “Greatest country in the world.” Yea, right. . . you guys ever been anywhere or have any kind of education? In the worst country in Western Europe (whichever one that may be), at least the people have some input into the direction of the government.

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