This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

Thing is, all those things you list? They are the Republican party, and have been for almost a decade. We saw it when Mitch McConnell said the party’s top aim was to keep Obama a one-term president, and when he said the party would not even consider any Supreme Court nominee.

McConnell didn’t say “our goal is to reduce the debt”. He didn’t say “we won’t consider any nominee who’s not an originalist”. He staked out a rejectionist position, and has stuck to it - the Republican position is and has been to be against things.

Obama’s main failing has been trying to compromise with a party that won’t compromise. We see it again in his nomination of Merrick Garland - older and more conservative than the ideal progressive candidate. Obama has chosen a mainstream nominee on the theory that he’s the most palatable to Republicans. But Republicans wouldn’t consent even if Mitch McConnell were the nominee. Because they are the party of everything this article claims they’re not. If that’s not you, you may be conservative, but you’re not a Republican.

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